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Hypnotherapy may be of great benefit in a number of areas of particular interest to women, see some of them below.


Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and body imaging


“Diets Don’t Work” - Medical Research Council, 9th Sept 2005


Diets are just a crash course in learning to be a failure by putting on weight!


Are you tired of trying out all the many diets that

Are available, that are so difficult to stick to

realistically over a continued period of time, only

to find that the original weight lost and more piles

straight back on as soon as you stop.

Are you also fed up with paying fast amounts of money to ‘weight loss’ corporations who are more interested in their brand and marketing than really helping you?


Sounds familiar? - Dieting doesn’t work for 90% of people.


Obesity in Britain is now an epidemic with nearly two thirds of men and over half of the women in England are overweight or obese, with small or large amounts of weight to be lost. Various diets are then undertaken, with sometimes, pleasing results at the beginning then great disappointment when it all comes back. Diets simply do no work.


The problem with diets is they do not take into account the reasons why people eat excessively, with the main cause being ‘emotional eating’. Some examples of  ‘emotional eating’ could include:


· Comfort eating

· Over eating due to loneliness

· Eating excessively due to boredom


Using powerful and advanced hypnotic techniques the reason(s) for overeating can be identified. Once the cause is established and overcome, visualisation exercises coupled with positive suggestion will help to enable you to become an ‘eater’ not a ‘feeder’. These techniques will allow you to eat all foods in moderation, changing your relationship with eating and the foods you consume.

If you require slimming down to a healthy size or whether you have a condition such as compulsive eating, or you suffer from obesity, our powerful combination of the latest and most potent hypnotic, neuro-linguistic programming and complete mind therapy techniques, coupled with advice on health eating should be able to provide the additional help with weight control that you have been looking for.


For simple weight loss a series of four session is recommended over a period of one to two months. This will allow us to work on your weight control on several levels within this period, both on a conscious and unconscious level to establish new patterns of natural, health eating. Using this method you throw away your scales along with many diet books and simply measure your success by your need for smaller clothes and the increasing feeling of good health.



“I know I’ve lost weight and I feel comfortable with my body and who I am. My confidence and self esteem has returned and I feel great!” - A recent patient

Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation


Please click here for information regarding our powerful hypnotic smoking cessation program.


Hypnotherapy and Relationships


Assistance in dealing with relationship problems such as ‘a Lost love’ or bereavement, separation anxiety and abandonment issues.


Hypnotherapy for Dream Interpretation and Control


Many people are fascinated with dreams and their interpretation. Many people believe that dreams are the unconscious mind trying to communicate with the conscious mind to relay important information. Your therapist can assist you in this area using a revolutionary concept known as ‘The Dream Oracle - Using the Alphabet Dream Code’ * your hypnotherapist can teach you how to receive easily interpretable answers to vital questions posed. The answers will be relayed to you in your dreams using a set of guidelines programmed into your unconscious mind.


*The Dream Oracle - Using the Alphabet Dream Code. David Melbourne and Dr Keith Hearne


Sports Hypnosis and Hypnosis for Artistic Performance Enhancement


Sports and artistic performances can be increased with the use of hypnotherapy. Hypnosis visualisation techniques can be used to ‘rehearse’ or ‘replay’ scenarios. This in conjunction with motivation, calming and focussing techniques can give you the edge to achieve your goals! For more information on using hypnosis for sports enhancement please click here.


Hypnosis for Cosmetic Uses


Breast Enlargement:


Research* has shown promising results in using hypnotherapy in the area of breast enlargement.


* Williams, J.E. (1974) Stimulation of breast growth by hypnosis. Journal of Sex Research, 10, 316. Willard, R.D. (1977) Breast enlargement through visual imagery and hypnosis. American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 19, 195.


Frown Lines:


Botox (derived from the botulin toxin) is a modern popular treatment which paralyses local muscles in the face causing them not to respond to signals such as ’frowning’ sent to them so that the skin remains smooth. However, many people are nervous of the fact of injecting a toxin into themselves. A safer alternative could be hypnotherapy.  Hypnosis could be utilised to perform the same function, but using the unconscious mind to relax those same muscles when the ’frown’ commands are sent.


Past Life Regression Therapy Hyp


Please click here to go to our ‘Past Life Regression’ Section

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Confidence, Worry


Unfortunately the stresses of the modern world takes its toll on many people psychologically. Many people (not just women) suffer unnecessarily from stress, anxieties, panic attacks and a lack of confidence. Your therapist could help you with these issues, finding the root causes and addressing them.





Habit Removal and Compulsive Disorders (OCD)


Both sexes could benefit from hypnosis in assisting in the treatment of habit and compulsive disorder removal.

Nail biting, hair pulling ( trichotillomania ), teeth grinding (bruxism) are all habits which have been successfully treated using hypnosis. Many obsessive-compulsive disorders can also be addressed.




Hypnotherapy for Fertility and Infertility


Hypnotherapy is beginning to be used much more frequently and successfully to assist in the area of infertility. In many women there may be underlying psychological problems (quite probably unknown) manifesting in physical difficulties in trying to achieve pregnancy. Hypnotherapy can be extremely beneficial in uncovering and addressing these issues and using the unconscious mind to assist in balancing the reproductive system. Garry Coles is trained in the advanced  ‘Fertile Body Method - Fertility Through Hypnosis’ techniques.




IVF and Hypnotherapy


Recent clinical trials in Israel have indicated that women undergoing IVF treatment could improve their chances of pregnancy by up to 50% by receiving hypnotherapy treatment simultaneously. We also have a range of CDs available in the Self Help Products section.




Hypnotherapy for Pregnancy and Birthing


Hypnotherapy can have many roles in the lifetime of a pregnancy and during birth: Form stress relief, relieving morning sickness, pain control etc. We also have a range of specialist CDs available in many related areas. Please see the Self Help Products section.




Hypnotherapy Help with Pre-Menstrual Tension


Hypnotherapy could be useful in  assisting with the physical, emotional and psychological effects of this common condition which affects a great number of women.




Hypnotherapy and the Menopause


The very considerable body/mind link is particularly noticeable with all area concerning reproduction. Apart from internal psychological changes occurring at the menopause, linked to changed reproductive chemistry, stress and other external psychological factors can also greatly affect women at that time.

Hypnotherapy operating at both a conscious level and unconsciously (via the autonomic nervous system), seem ideally placed to provide beneficial effects for women in coping with negative aspects of the menopause.




Hypnotherapy for Psycho-Sexual Problems


Problems such as frigidity can be investigated under hypnosis to good effect. Treatment and counselling can also be given for abuse or rape.

Text Box: Text Box: Text Box: Text Box: Relaxation, De-Stressing Groups or Parties

How about something different, therapeutic and relaxing. Next time your have the girls (or guys) around for a coffee morning, pamper evening or just a girls (or guys) night in, why not treat everyone to a group relaxation session. A beautiful guided live hypnotic relaxation session to assist in removing the stress, tension and burdens of everyone present, leaving them feeling relaxed and positive. What a great way to start a day or evening. The session would consist of a short explanation about hypnotherapy techniques followed by the hypnotic relaxation session, totalling around an hour. Please contact us for more details. We can also arrange ‘themed’ group sessions, such as past life regression etc.
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